How, Strangely, St. Patrick’s Day Matters to

Irish Americans

In the din of sequined shamrock hats and green-imbued parades, how many people remember that Irish Americans were a marginalized group for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? 

How did Irish Americans find their voice?

It’s complex, but history affirms the reason why we, the founders of United Classrooms, are building this platform: real resolution always begins with conversation and relationships.

As we have watched this month with the viral and very simple Kony 2012, social media matters to our social consciousness and impacts the way we look at the world. Having spent over a year in East Africa, we believe that it is unfortunate that the 30-minute long video assumes the American public is only capable of digesting generalizations – as opposed to the difficult, but very real complexity of Kony’s role in East Africa. However, what is fortunate is that it prompted honest conversation.

And it is in the honest conversation where real relationships are made, real learning happens and prejudices begin to dissipate.

Let’s enable our kids to have these kinds of conversations.

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