Reason One

Global Awareness

If the state of our world is charging inexorably towards globalization, what relationships and understandings are being built to enhance the comfort with which people engage internationally?

Before Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, passed away, President Obama asked if Apple would ever relocate some of its work abroad back to the United States. Jobs’s response: Never.

Whether or not you see this as global collaboration or exploitation, globalization will be more humanitarian and economically successful if the people running the meetings, making the parts and drafting the policies begin to have conversations across cultural borders as children.

That could be between Turkey and America.

Ghana and Australia.

Birmingham and Boston.

Beijing and Mexico City.

As the world gets closer and closer together, we owe our next generation the tools that they will need to make these encounters rich.

The truth is that classrooms are mostly insular communities at this point, preparing kids for an insular future that is about to no longer exist.

Let’s give our classrooms the means to reach outwards.

Let’s prepare our kids not only to be part of the globalizing world, but to make it better.

One thought on “GLOBAL AWARENESS – Why We Need

  1. There is a huge need to bring our classrooms alive with the cultures from all around this world. ALIVE is the operable word. Kids need the sensory experiences to make an impression. Their world will not be like my world or even your world and if we feel responsible at all for what becomes of us as a civilization we need to cross the mountains, swim the oceans, walk the desserts. Keep up the great work.


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