Reason Two

Technological Responsibility

Would you let your child ride a two-wheel bike on the main road without first providing adult guidance and a proper set of training wheels?

While some of us don’t find much room for the virtual world in our reality, it is a reality that it is taking up more and more room on the road to opportunity. And like riding a bike, social media is a risk — but it makes connections faster and further.

Facebook currently has 845 million active users worldwide. If Facebook were a country, it would have almost three times the population of the United States and over four times the population of Brazil.

Anyone who declares themselves 13 or older can have access to this enormous and dynamic network.

Schools across the world are currently developing policies that acknowledge that social media is here to stay and needs careful guidance for appropriate use. (See article). As thorough as these policies may become, they typically address the consequences of early unguided participation rather than structure elementary school training for appropriate use.

Where are the training wheels for the Facebook generation?

Where do our kids learn…

to be safe on the internet?

to be respectful in virtual conversation?

to use virtual networking for enrichment beyond entertainment?

to tap the potential of social networking to make the world a better place?

3 thoughts on “TECH RESPONSIBILITY – Why We Need

  1. Being a parent of a SK stdeunt we already get the response good’ and fine’ here at home. We know she loves school and we celebrate her accomplishments within our family. What a great idea to have a space to do this as a parent and educator. Engaging stdeunts is a driving force of parents, teachers and administrators. Excellent idea for a blog I look forward to the sharing process and hope that this site builds beyond what you have envisioned for it .


  2. I just had a similar conversation this day with a teacher. The world can be cracked wide open for our kids or this technology could become another thing they just expect to answer all their questions. Nothing can replace a good teacher!


  3. 845 million people use Facebook, thats insane. Connecting elementary kids to various schools around the world will create an enriching education to build foward-thinking and culturally competent people to shape the future of our world. As the global market continues to aggressively increase its competitive edge it is also essential to prepare young minds for the road ahead.


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