Reason Three

Learning Enrichment

Do you believe that the most enriching learning happens exclusively within the four walls of a classroom?

Although we hazard to presume that most teachers would answer “no” to this question, we know just how daunting a challenge it is — with the amount of students in our classrooms and the limitations of our school resources — to break out of the classical classroom model of education.

But our kids can learn more than they currently do by taking learning into their own hands. Our kids are ripe to extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom walls.

So where can our kids do this? If an elementary school kid feels strongly that the current crisis in Syria is an injustice, what safe forum does that student have to extend his/her understanding of the situation?

Adora Svitak, a precocious four-foot tall advocate for the potentials of children, articulates that kids’ ideas need not be constantly hindered by the cynicism and overprotectiveness of adults and teachers. In this TED Talk (See Talk), she declares, “We kids still dream about perfection. And that’s a good thing because in order to make anything a reality you have to dream about it first. In many ways, our audacity to imagine pushes the boundaries of possibility.”

Kids know something that many adults forget.

Let’s never forget to give our kids the opportunities to authentically engage with the content that excites them.

Let’s give our kids the room to make this world a better place.



One thought on “LEARNING ENRICHMENT – Why We Need UClass.org

  1. As I read your blogs each day I am feeling the urgency for what you are about to create. For kids to think critically about their world they must have a safe exposure to thinking about it at all!


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