Reason Five

Community Building

How do we maintain a sense of community in the age of urbanization and globalization?

To the chagrin of many, it is unlikely that the large majority of us will remain exclusively in the smaller webs that do not require communication on the World Wide Web. Having been raised in small and rural towns where a big grin and hug are the primary modes of communication, even we sometimes question the presence of the internet as a mainstay communication tool in our lives. However, we recognize the great opportunity that the internet offers — if used wisely — to not only give power to our local communities, but to give us access to a newly forming global community. will strengthen the classroom community by providing an internal forum for students to communicate with their teachers and other students in their class. will strengthen the local community by enabling parents to get a more intimate look into what their children are doing in schools and by giving local businesses the opportunity to support their community’s classrooms.

Finally, will strengthen the global community by giving kids access to kids across the world and by giving them a voice on the global stage.

Communities can do things that individuals cannot do on their own. We, the founders of, are building a local and worldwide community so that we can robustly launch our vision. A boy in Tucson, Arizona has launched his dream of flying the world’s largest paper airplane today thanks to the support of his community. (See article.)

Our kids’ dreams, as unusual as they sometimes seem, deserve to fly.

All of our kids need tight-knit communities to reach their full potential.

Let’s build the dreams of our students by building community with them.


One thought on “COMMUNITY BUILDING – Why We Need

  1. It’s all about the balance but it will take the wisdom of the elderly as well as the creative brilliance of young minds to fold all of this newness into our embrace. Nothing can replace the support and understanding of a community.


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