A Big Week for UClass – Find Out What It Really Is

This week is a pivotal week for UClass.org because we are unveiling its features one by one and launching its first ever public fundraising campaign. Starting Thursday morning, you will have the opportunity to have a hand in uniting classrooms around the world by contributing to the $10,000 goal necessary to build our website!

What UClass Really Is

So, we imagine that you’d like to know what we are building.

In response to a gaping inadequacy in educational technology we are building UClass.org, a free classroom to classroom education networking website that safely connects elementary school students to their teachers, classmates and other classrooms around the world through the singular platform of the Classroom Profile Page.

The Classroom Profile Page, activated by teachers and driven by students, opens a communal communication space for students through an internal classroom feed, a global feed, kid-friendly email, a teacher announcement board and multimedia expressions of classroom identity.

Each classroom has their own virtual page.

Each kid has their own voice.

Each teacher has a dynamic springboard for lessons and discussion.

Each parent has a window into their child’s learning.

And the world will finally have a vibrant global conversation led by kids.



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