We know you’ve all been anxious to donate, but you’ll have to keep your millions at bay for a day or so while Indiegogo (our really fun online fundraising platform) reviews and publishes our videos, vision and great prizes!! So, in the meantime, learn about each feature on UClass.org.

Feature One


Expressions of Classroom Identity

At the start of every school year, classrooms engage in the quintessential “get to know you” and community building activities. As the school year goes on, kids change and yet often times their favorite book and snack food remain static on a dusty bulletin board.

At UClass.org, the classroom identity is dynamic and always growing.

Classrooms represent themselves with: 

  • A community profile picture (of their faces, their shoes or their classroom door)

  • Their flag and time zone (to place them in space and time)

  • Their grade, school and teacher name (to show where they study)

  • The “Who We Are” Multimedia Portal (a collection of teacher-prompted albums of student writing, pictures and videos about the class’s favorite books, their best stories, places they love in their town, etc.)

We all need to get know each other a little better for great conversations to begin.

When kids share with others, they actually get to know themselves a little better as well.

Let’s give our classroom communities the opportunity to express themselves.




  1. This is SO cool you guys! It has your fingerprints all over it! I especially love how each class as its own identity with a flag- such a cool thought to imagine classes all around the world with different flags united by learning and technology! I’m BEYOND impressed and can’t see what else you guys come up with! Best of luck- you certainly have all of my support! 🙂 -Jeremy


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