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Feature Two

The Express Board

Anyone who has stood before a blackboard has wished that they could honor the following enthusiastic interruptions during a well-planned day:

“I did some research at home. Can I read my 5 page extra credit paper out loud?”
“I read an article on this website and want to show the class today!”
“Can the class watch this video that I found last night?”

At the heart of each Classroom Profile Page at UClass.org is the Express Board, which allows students to:

  • share ideas, questions, articles and educational videos with their classmates

  • visit classroom pages around the world and see what other kids are discovering

  • provide feedback on posts from other students

  • respond to prompts and provocations posted by their teacher — like a discussion board

Sometimes it is hard to make room for rich dialogue about these treasures in the middle of the school day. As teachers, we have felt the need for an external platform where kids can plunge into dialogue for as long as they please on the intrigue that will make them life long learners.

Let’s give our students the room to independently stretch their learning process.

Let’s nurture the rich peer dialogue that is often limited by our daily schedules.

Let’s pay attention to the enthusiastic expressions of our kids’ love of learning.



One thought on “Feature Two – THE EXPRESS BOARD

  1. I can’t for you to train me so that I can implement it next year. My students would “so” love a chance to dialogue with students from other places around the world. Keep up the good work.


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