Feature Three – THE WORLD BOARD

Thank you to everyone who has made the first 24 hours of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign successful. We have had 158 visitors to our site and $1,575 generously donated. We are off to a great start, but need every contribution — $5 or $500 — that you can give to unite kids in learning.

Learn about our project and donate at: www.indiegogo.com/uniteourclassrooms

Feature Three

The World Board

A donor to our fundraising campaign posted the following: “Just think of how much confusion and conflict can be avoided by building strong relationships at a young age. Answer – Lots!

At UClass.org, kids can engage in honest conversations about real issues with real people across boundaries.

The host of this conversation is the World Board, which is a continuous forum that allows all students in the the UClass network to: 

  • Respond to weekly current event prompts such as: If you were Secretary General of the UN, what would you do about the crisis in Syria?

  • View diverse thoughts, opinions and information sources from classrooms around their country and the world

  • Engage in high level dialogue with kids with similar or different perspectives through commenting and messaging

  • Benefit from the guidance of parents and teachers through World Board-inspired discussion and lessons

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin in America last month exposes the dire consequences of avoiding the honest conversations that allow people to see each other for who they are through the complexity of difference.

Let’s give our kids an education that deconstructs the walls of misunderstanding.



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