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Feature Four

Teacher Features

So, why would teachers — with all of the demands of their profession — want to sign up their classrooms and add another program to their plate?

Because UClass makes their job easier.

With the click of a mouse on UClass.org, teachers can:

  • Post homework and announcements on the Teacher Board that parents and students can see from home

  • Post discussion questions on the Classroom Profile Page as assignments or homework

  • Create projects that encourage students to gather and present text, images and video about themselves and their community

  • Provide feedback and clarification to students through convenient messaging

  • Collect digital assignments through teacher messaging

  • Springboard social studies, technology and social skills lessons from student-generated content

What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of the man who instructs the rising generation?~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Let’s help to make a teacher’s job more possible.

Let’s ensure that our teachers are equipped to give the rising generation only the best education.



2 thoughts on “Feature Four – TEACHER FEATURES!

  1. Concern…this wonderful program assumes that all kids, or even most kids, have the technology at home to use this wonderful resource. Is that true? Just something to think about.


    • Thank you for your concern. It has certainly been a topic of conversation among the founders. Our vision is not to bring technology to regions of the world who have not integrated technology into their lives — there is value in being “unwired.” Instead, it is to make the internet/globalization experience richer for those who have already stepped onto the technology ladder and to connect those who are offered the opportunity of closeness despite geographical/cultural boundaries.

      As teachers in urban America, we have found that many families who do not have access to technology at home find ways (libraries, schools, community centers, etc.) to communicate via the internet anyway.


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