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Feature Five

Pen Pals!

UClass.org is about to buzz with student dialogue. Kids will discuss global issues on the World Board, extend their learning on the Express Board and tell their stories with the Who We Are feature. So, how is UClass ensuring that students are building meaningful relationships that can help them transcend the difference that will inevitably arise within these forums?

Contrary to media that bombards kids with stereotyped versions of the world’s diversity, UClass will enable students to interact in well-guided and personal ways that develop nuanced understandings of culture and relationship through pen pal messaging.

UClass.org is built to develop sustainable pen pal friendships by:

  • allowing students and teachers to browse and search same-grade classrooms around the world

  • enabling teachers to easily find other teachers who are interested in forming long term classroom pen pal connections

  • providing a kid-friendly messaging feature to open and maintain pen pal relationships between students across classrooms, schools, states and countries!

From a distance, we all have opinions about the way the world works. However, it is in human relationship that the true story of humanity is uncovered.

Let’s give our kids the opportunity to form well-founded perspectives grounded in real experience.

Let’s give our kids friendships that help them dig deeper.



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