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Feature Six

Parent Support

Kids have become masters of technology. Many parents are watching their offspring sit before screens that demand a language outside of their generational expertise. Yet parents remain the guardians and guides of their children’s development.

How does the lightning speed of technological advancement ensure that parents are involved in how it develops children’s minds? How can technology give parents a convenient peek into the day-to-day happenings of the classroom?

UClass opens a new world to students without closing it to parents by providing access to the Classroom Profile Page through a unique parent log in. Once inside, they can:

  • View teacher announcements to keep abreast of classroom activities

  • See daily homework assignments

  • View classroom posts and discussions on the main classroom feeds

  • See creative multimedia projects made by their child

The transparency of UClass not only keeps kids safe, but provides opportunities for learning. Parents can engage in dialogue about the thoughts, questions and relationships that kids are cultivating within their class and around the world.

It takes a village to keep our children safe as technology opens access to a wider world.

Let’s give parents the access necessary to be involved in raising world class students.



One thought on “Feature Six – PARENT SUPPORT

  1. A really thought provoking idea. If shown the wonders of technology I’m sure many parents would embrace its offerings. I think this might be one of the most challenging features of your project BUT a very crucial piece. You can inform!


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