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Feature Seven


Although we lament the absence of social media for elementary school students, every parent knows that there are plenty of legitimate reasons why Facebook cuts off at age 13. Kids need specialized guidance and support in order to engage safely and appropriately with the expanded world of social networking .

UClass extends the realm of possiblity while ensuring that the realm of supervision also expands to circumscribe this broad new interaction space by:

  • Providing all users with secure usernames and passwords

  • Keeping communication in-network and on grade level

  • Allowing students to speak only to other students and their own teacher

  • Providing teachers with a monitoring system that lets them view and delete student posts as well as suspend and delete student accounts

  • Empowering kids to regulate each other with a “report” function

  • Providing parents with a unique log in for supervisory purposes

  • Requiring verification of teacher employment status to sign up for an account

  • Offering the support of a team of administrators with the ability to oversee all communications

Let us not shrink from the vast opportunities provided by access to the world because they require care and vigilance.

Let’s create safe ways for our students to access the world in the name of learning.



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