Are there any sites out there like

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People want to know: Are there any sites out there like

The answer is: NO

Below are other sites in the Educational Technology realm:

  • Edmodo and Schoology are designed primarily for secondary classrooms and allow teachers to manage content and activity for their own classes. UClass is a website designed exclusively for elementary classrooms that helps teachers manage content and communication, but primarily facilitates the creation and sharing of student-originated content in-class and between classrooms across diverse backgrounds.

  • Epals is a global networking service for elementary school students (which we have used and has motivated us to develop UClass) that primarily allows students to make one-on-one contact with other students through email. UClass is a more compact, kid-friendly tool that enables users to connect via a classroom page and supports robust interaction between students, teachers and parents through community forums, global discussion and personal messaging. UClass functions with the belief that elementary school students can best express their individual voices when held within the context of their classroom community.

UClass aims to enhance the classroom experience by taking down the walls to provide access to a rich global student-driven world of knowledge.

Educational technology and social networking in schools is a frontier in our world, but we are about to raise the bar.


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