What about kids without internet?

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Computer Access

People want to know:What about kids without internet?

The answer is: The goal of United Classrooms is not to bring technology to places where it does not already exist, but to leverage technology’s potential by making it more educational and socially relevant for the people who have it. The founders actuallybelieve that there is not enough value placed on unwired activities for children and the gifts harbored in communities around the world that are not plugged in. However, nearly everyone in America is hooked up to the internet via their phone, their iPad, or a computer in their home,  community center,  library or  school. Moreover, it is estimated that every single classroom in America has access to the internet.

Since technology is here to stay,  we can seize its potential for good and train its future captains to harness the changing winds effectively. UClass allows teachers flexibility in how they use this tool — be it at school, at home or both, to accommodate for their students’ ability to access computers. Teachers could require their kids to connect for homework, provide a class period to use the tool, or use it as an enrichment opportunity when class work is done.

Lets not limit our kids’ futures by limiting their opportunities online.

Lets build a tool that makes sure that those who have access are using technology for the good of the world.



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