Can “Special Areas” Teachers Use UClass?

21 days to go and we still need over $5,000…

Special Subjects Unite Classrooms

People want to know: Can “special areas” teachers use this too?

The answer is:Yes

Special areas teachers can add their classes by sharing a log in with a classroom teacher or registering their own classes:

  • Art teachers can post art pieces and have kids discuss them on feeds at home to generate content that will jump start interesting in-class lessons.

  • Music teachers can create a campaign for students to upload original compositions and collect reviews from around the world.

  • Library teachers can have their students read the same book as a buddy class in another school and have book discussions with partners via messaging.

  • Technology teachers can use student writing from their Classroom Profile Page to direct lessons on virtual chat etiquette, typing and effective internet searches.

  • Language teachers can make pen pals with classes from around the world and facilitate conversations in the language of study.

Let’s allow student-generated content and collaboration to enrich all areas of study.

Let’s open up the creative dialogue.


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