How Are You Making UClass Happen?

We have passed the halfway mark! Thank you to our generous supporters. We’ve got that much more to go!

How We Are Making It Happen

People want to know: What are you doing to make UClass happen?

Answer: began as a dream on a beach. As anyone who has made a dream come true knows — it takes loads of tenacity, time, passion and collaboration to make sure it doesn’t stay on the beach.

  • Zak, Leah and a number of friends and partners are putting in many long hours dreaming, researching, spreading the word, thinking and rethinking. It takes tireless focus to hone the vision of UClass so that it not only has all the features that will facilitate effective, exciting, secure and educational classroom to classroom communication, but  so that the features fit together and slip snugly into the unique ecosystems of classrooms around the world.

  • We have hired a web development team of bright young Yale graduates who are using their programming and business expertise to take our vision and build the technological systems required to let it stand on its own.

  • We are working with a visionary graphic designer in Indonesia who is patient with our perfectionist tendencies and is draping the skeleton of the website with bright colors and snappy design so it will provide artful illumination to students!

  • We are fundraising like crazy to fund building, design, training, travel, legal support, marketing, maintenance and implementation! We are writing grant applications  and angel investment proposals. We are rallying our incredibly supportive communities to believe by contributing to our indiegogo campaign. We are always on the lookout for funding and skill-based support — because that’s what it takes!

Let’s all have the courage to follow through with great ideas.

Let’s give our kids that kind courage by providing tools that give life to their ideas.


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