How We Made The Indiegogo Homepage!

Today we are featured on the indiegogo homepage!!! Rather than taking your time on our blog today, please give the campaign some love!

UClass is Featured!

In case you were wondering, here’s how we made it:

  • First, we had an idea for how to make the world a better place.

  • Second, we decided that we were actually going to make it a reality.

  • Third, we tapped our creative resources to craft a campaign worthy of the cause.

  • Fourth, we tirelessly touted UClass to family, friends and strangers (yes, lots of social media).

  • Last and most importantly, YOU visited our page a lot of times, believed in it, clicked “like” and donated.

Don’t expect us to stop. We have not reached our goal yet! We are on a roll and we are glad you are on it with us.

Let’s give our kids the community it takes to be successful.


One thought on “How We Made The Indiegogo Homepage!

  1. Hello World,
    Education needs this tool. UClassroom will be as good as the teachers who use it and we need to have the chance to use it. If you haven’t supported this effort please consider it today.


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