Meet the Makers of UClass – LEAH SCHRADER

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Introducing The Minds & Hands Behind UClass

Leah Schrader

Bio: Leah Schrader most recently taught second grade at the International School of Tanganyika. Prior to working in Tanzania, Leah taught science in a Baltimore charter school and 5th grade special education with Teach for America at a public school in Phoenix, AZ. A musician and artist, Ms. Schrader co-founded the Children’s Expressive Arts Project at Bard College and utilizes expressive arts as a means of therapeutic intervention – a skill that earned her the Teach for America Community Award. Ms. Schrader received a B.A. in Psychology from Bard College in 2007 and a M.Ed. from Arizona State University in 2010 in conjunction with Teach for America.

Here is what Leah has to say about founding UClass:

“Each time I embark on a learning journey with a group of students, my goal is to bring them closer to being able to participate in and shape their world without limitations. I aim to help them cultivate insatiable curiosity and to feel comfortable expressing themselves. I work to teach them to be good to each other, to develop relationships that show them the value of diversity so that they feel like and recognize others as  important parts of a hopeful world.

I have learned that these lessons cannot come from just one person. As a teacher I am a guide and I have a lot to share, but it is only relevant if I listen to what my students and the world they live in require for success.  Kids can be a great resource for each other – they have so many stories to tell. UClass lets kids share their stories.

I believe that UClass is a way for understanding to override cultural conflict. For innovation to burst through education’s stagnant corners. For kids to enter the dialogue that education should be and help to shape their world into what it can be.”


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