Meet the Makers of UClass – SYARIP YUNUS, Designer

With only 13 days left in our funding campaign, your support is paramount to our success:

Introducing The Minds & Hands Behind UClass

Syarip Yunus, Designer

Bio:  Syarip Yunus was born on June 26 in Bandung, Indonesia. He is a freelance visual designer who is adept at working on User Interface and User Experience. He creates website design, web applications and mobile display design. In his free time he passes his love of design and illustration on by teaching students in Bandung.  In addition to freelance design, he founded with two friends. Their company has engaged in tumblr themes, WordPress and OpenCart premium as well as Photoshop and HTML files. See examples of his work (including some UClass design) at

Here is what Syarip has to say about designing UClass:

“I’m having fun designing The challenge of this design is that it must be easily used and enjoyed by students throughout the world.

I strongly support the programs devised by Zak and Leah because this project is very relevant. They have a clear vision to a future that will inevitably result in something positive to the world of education around the globe.

Maybe someday the project can bring equitable progress in education around the world because of the ease of communicating with each other in different parts of the world.”

The in progress footer of the UClass homepage that Syarip is designing


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