Meet the Makers of UClass – JAMES, RICH & DAN, Web Development

Help revolutionize classroom collaboration. 12 more days to reach our funding goal!

Introducing The Minds & Hands Behind UClass

Bio: Elm City Labs (ECL) is a web development team that works to accelerate tech enabled ventures from idea stage to traction, growing companies with the best foundation to succeed. All members are graduates of Yale University.

Dan Loewenherz is a technical leader and co-founder of ECL. He has built and scaled applications into millions of page views and has worked on web development for major companies like HBO, NBC, and California Pizza Kitchen.

James Johnson is a technical leader and co-founder of ECL and specializes in front‐end and web development and runs legal, operational, and finance efforts. Before ECL, he was Director of Operations at YouRenew, an electronics reuse and recycling company.

Rich Littlehale is the product, user experience, and strategy lead at ECL. Before ECL, he co‐founded YouRenew and was its first CEO.

Here is what Elm City Labs has to say about building UClass:

“Zak and Leah are incredibly inspiring and committed to their vision to connect classrooms around the world. We like to work with founders who know their market well and have a clear sense for how to improve it and Zak and Leah clearly fit that description.

UClass is important because we believe technology interaction and learning will be a big part of the 21st century classroom. It’s disruptive because there are no good online solutions on the market that enable classroom collaboration for elementary school.

We’re really excited about the potential of connecting kids around the world. UClass makes that possible with it’s new innovative technology. The other most valuable part of UClass is its power as a communication tool that strengthens the relationship between teachers, students and parents. We’re super excited to help UClass achieve its vision and looking forward to seeing it in classrooms across the world!


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