Meet the Makers of UClass – YOU

It is your support that is going to make UClass happen. 11 days left!! Please watch our video and consider making a donation at:

Introducing The Minds & Hands Behind UClass


Bio: You are opening the door to United Classrooms by spreading the word as well as giving of your time and money.

Here is a reflection on UClass by its founders:

“These are the minutes, the long sticky moments

Stirred by a noisy fan, perked by a cold coffee

With so much direction, but no map

Which we fill to the brim with our vision

For which we call out the care in our family, friends and strangers.

Someday soon the wide world will “aha!” our UClass

The knowing of it will slowly spread

It will be peopled and running

And growing

With our hands on the buttons

With children’s voices on each page

Urging it on.

Now we’re working towards it

Bolstered by the uncommon acts of others

Headed tirelessly in its direction

Staffing its possibility well that it may soon employ

On its own

A host of young visionaries

Like us, but earlier

To knead their potential out of the dust of dreams.”


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