A Letter to the Supporters of our Indiegogo Campaign

A United Celebration!

Dear Supporters of United Classrooms,

When we commenced the thinking and planning of our huge and potentially revolutionary idea called “United Classrooms,” we decided that it would only arrive in its most brilliant form if molded by a wide and dynamic community of people, not just us. Over the last 5 weeks, we have watched that community grow and take shape — and frankly, it moves us.

It moves us because we crafted the idea of United Classrooms to ensure that children across America and the world have the opportunities, knowledge, relationships and experiences it takes to live their fullest potential. This is not an easy task, but now the task at hand is held by a wide and echoing community of people who are invested in our children’s future.

We thank you for your confidence in our mission, your faith in the humans behind it and your belief in the transformational possibilities of United Classrooms. We thank you for deciding to commit your resources to a growing program that seeks to revolutionize the way that kids collaborate. It is difficult for us to express the value of every single donation.

We celebrate you for making our dream more possible. However, there is little time for celebration — for the uniting of classrooms around the world via UClass.org is a gigantic mission and we are just beginning the work that ensures that each child has the opportunity to make their dreams possible.

Our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude,

Zak Ringelstein and Leah Schrader, Founders of United Classrooms


Ps – Your perks are on their way soon!


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Supporters of our Indiegogo Campaign

  1. There are so many things that your endeavor has already proven, one I will comment on tonight is the power of social media, the power of one dollar at a time changing the world!

    Your specific project I find compelling, and critical to modern education, as a mother of three children living in basically still rural America. I believe this will be transformative for U.S. classrooms and third world country classrooms alike!

    It also has potential to be transformative to families, as parents struggle who did not have access to technology themselves to understand its power, while having someone validate and address their fears about the potential risks of technology. There is not only a gap in embracing technology classroom to classroom, town to town, country to country, but within family units, that your project has the ability and potential to address.

    I’ve always said that one dollar at a time we can change the world, you have proven that one dollar at a time we can connect the world!


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