Why Join? – United Classrooms EXPRESS WHO THEY ARE

United Classrooms EXPRESS WHO THEY ARE

Scenario: My students are a community of avid learners, but they are also a group of unique individuals. They have stories to tell about what they are learning and what they love, but telling them in one form and to one audience does not develop their ability to articulate their perspectives to the wider world. My students would be motivated and challenged by the opportunity to show others what they like, what they learn and what makes them special. They would learn to bridge boundaries in forging diverse relationships by being exposed to what is similar and different between their stories and those of kids around the world. The limitations of stereotypes and underexposure would be lifted if they could proudly show who they are and embark on the important journey of appreciating others for who they are as well.

How UClass Helps: Through the “Who We Are” feature, teachers can create projects that invite their students to upload videos, post images and write text about topics like their favorite books, the history of their hometown, what they pack in their lunch box and what they learned in math class. When exploring the world through UClass, students can see what kids’ lives are like in other places around the world by viewing their “Who We Are” projects. UClass lets kids teach each other about diversity and respect, recognizing that each community is made up of unique individuals that are worth getting to know. Sign up at UClass.org.



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