On The Road with UClass!

United Classrooms Goes:

1. Live!

UClass.org has gone from images and scaffolding to a full-blown website. It will be ready to go online in just a few weeks.

2. National!

We hit the road this week to train new teachers at Teach for America institutes in 9 states, giving teachers from 43 regions in America a hand-delivered welcome to use UClass in their classrooms this fall.

3. Global!

We will be offering a webinar to Teach for All (Teach for America’s international branch) that will give teachers in 23 countries ideas for how they can use UClass in their classrooms.

Watch out for updates as the journey begins.

Sign your class up or refer a teacher you know to join!



2 thoughts on “On The Road with UClass!

  1. Zak and Leah,
    It takes my breath away imagining how your dream seeds are going to be scattered all across the US and beyond. You are both so inspiring. Best of luck with your travels and please call anytime of the day or night if you feel the need to. Sing a lot at the top of your lungs, it will pass time in the car!
    I love you both.


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