Stop 1: Atlanta, Georgia

We arrived at the Teach For America institute in Atlanta with a pitcher of pink lemonade, a bucket full of UClass pencils and a color flyer outlining our website…

The TFA staff graciously set us up with a table in the hallway frequented by incoming corps members. These bright young teachers are in the first week of their intensive 5-week institute. They will teach in Atlanta, New Orleans, South Carolina and Ohio in the fall. We reached out to them as they ambled by, discussing their frazzled but hopeful experience at institute (feelings that we shared during our own institute training). We talked about how UClass works, how it came to be and how it might fit into their classrooms. 18 corps member signed up and plenty more walked away with our flyer exclaiming “Wow, this will be great in my classroom!” and “I’ve been looking for a way to teach my students how to be part of the larger world!” 

We will set up our table for the next three days in Atlanta before making our way to the Mississippi Delta for our next TFA institute visit!


4 thoughts on “Stop 1: Atlanta, Georgia

  1. China Team we are reading your blog and parniyg for you. Hang in there with the weather, sounds tough. Its also a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such luxury with air conditioning and mild weather. It’s getting hot this week at home though 90 s but little humidity.Look forward to welcoming you back home!Mark and Cindy Tilton


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