Stop 2: The Mississippi Delta

We drove a few hundred miles through cotton and tobacco fields to Cleveland, Mississippi…

The Mississippi institute is held at Delta State University, a regal campus nestled in a quiet little town where the hosting of the “Teach for America kids” is a big event. There are lighted signs above businesses welcoming the corps and a local coffee shop that makes an annual Cleveland scavenger hunt just for TFA. In response to Zak’s  bumper stickers, a man at a red light shouted from his car “I love everything you stand for… Columbia and Teach for America! Welcome to Cleveland!” This spirit propels the Delta corps members deep into this rural region. Some travel as far as 2 hours each morning to teach summer school. After institute they will go on to teach in Alabama, Appalachia, Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, Nashville and South Louisiana. These teachers are excited to take UClass to their placements to help students in rural communities reach the rest of the world.

Over 100 corps members have signed up for UClass so far! We will present in Mississippi for two days before making our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma for our next TFA institute visit!


2 thoughts on “Stop 2: The Mississippi Delta

  1. I dont what to say God has many ways of doing things b’se the work you are doing its waoooo you like you’re sent from above. keep it up may God bless your work.


  2. Keep up the good work. “Oh, the places you’ll go.” Our dear friend Barbara will walk out of her classroom tomorrow after 34 1/2 years of teaching children how to think not what to think. We honor all those who have given themselves to educating children. Carry on you two!


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