Stop 3: Tulsa, Oklahoma

After breezing through a strip of country western bars capped by cotton clouds in a cobalt sky, we found ourselves on the spic-and-span stone and marble campus of Tulsa University…

This being Tulsa’s first Teach For America institute, there was a buzz of innovation whisking the corps through the dazzling halls of TU. Corps members were enjoying new training techniques including orientation with the communities in which they will teach and active lesson rehearsals before there are kids in the room. Perhaps because these new techniques lifted some of the stress of running a classroom for the very first time, or maybe because a very helpful TFA intern set us up with a linen clad table right outside of the cafeteria, or maybe because UClass is just that cool – we were swamped with bright and willing corps members who were convicted about giving their students a cross-cultural experience through United Classrooms. We worked our table for two days and held our first training session (as shown in the picture above!), delivering UClass to teachers who will serve in North Carolina, Kansas City, Miami and Oklahoma.

We now have over 200 teachers signed up and are heading to Houston, TX for a full week of sharing UClass!


3 thoughts on “Stop 3: Tulsa, Oklahoma

  1. Kick Ass!! Check out the Fantasy Ice Cream page, and see more of Kanaly’s awesome paint work! Oh and come find us at an event and get Chilled! Thanks. Fantasy Ice Cream Team


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