Stop 4: Houston, Texas


Just after listening to “God Bless Texas” on a country radio station and driving by green pastures speckled with cows and oil “derricks,” we arrived in a buzzing, multicultural Houston metropolis near Rice University…

Known colloquially as the “Harvard” of Texas, Rice University is a striking balance of old evergreens and sleek, modern architecture. The teachers training on this sprawling campus have grown up in states around the country, but will teach in schools in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley and Eastern North Carolina. As industrious as the city that surrounds them, this corps was fast-paced and professional — but also quick to stop in at the UClass table. Most of the corps members that we met were thrilled to find a way to help make their classrooms more culturally relevant. Many had interesting stories about their own travels abroad and directed us towards projects like a book publishing initiative in developing villages which lets kids share their story and generate revenue as well as an inner-city music education project that channels funds to kids in need of instruments. We are thrilled to offer United Classrooms to teachers who are already thinking about cross-cultural enrichment and to augment conversations that are aimed at providing our world’s children with the opportunities that they deserve.

We now have over 300 teachers signed up and are heading to an education technology trade show in San Diego to share UClass with more seasoned international educators!


6 thoughts on “Stop 4: Houston, Texas

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