Stop 5: San Diego, California

We cruised over 1,000 miles of high-speed desert highway across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, seized nostalgically by the Sonoran desert’s resilient flora, dreamy sand dunes and wide open skies to the halfway point of our journey: San Diego….

We celebrated this milestone by unveiling United Classrooms at the San Diego Convention Center, which was packed with thousands of seasoned international educators just easing into their summer vacations at the annual International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference. Flanked between Google in Education and Texas Instruments, we gave our fledgling pitch to crowds of intrigued education technology consumers readying their schools to embark upon global collaboration this fall. In contrast to Teach For America corps members just preparing to enter the classroom for the first time, these teachers already have established routines in their classrooms and were excited to incorporate United Classrooms to make their teaching more dynamic. We presented at two live-streamed training events and were received by hundreds of educators who can’t wait for our launch on July 30th. Watch our live recording here!

After a sunset sailboat ride, a dip in the bay and a stop in Los Angeles for a meeting, we are heading towards the Phoenix Teach For America institute where our educational roots first took hold!


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