Stop 8: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Nearing the end of our cross-country trip, we stopped in Detroit – one of Teach For America’s up and coming regions, then spent Zak’s birthday upside down on Hershey Park roller coasters before drifting through the miles of farmland that flank Philadelphia…

We set up in a dorm at Temple, a campus very much camouflaged by the city around it. Corps members flooded off of the busses from teaching summer school and swarmed our table, exhibiting a surprising amount of inquisitiveness at the end of a long day. With only 11 days until UClass’s official launch, we were able to promise these corps members a product in the palpable future. Being just weeks away from starting their first classrooms, they received it with practical questions and grounded passion for how they could use this tool. Math teachers are brainstorming projects that would let their students post explanatory videos on concepts to be exchanged with students in other schools. Social studies teachers are thinking about units in which they would have their students interview other classes for primary research into cultural issues that they were studying. A world music teacher is ready to host a folk song exchange and a science teacher is planning to post daily science current event articles on UClass to bring this activity to a whole new level. UClass will travel to Baltimore, Washington D.C, Delaware, Detroit, Philadelphia and Massachusetts in the hands of these thoughtful and eager new teachers.

With over 800 people signed up and just days left before our launch, we are glad that you’re along for the journey!


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