Our Last TFA Institute: New York, NY

Thank you to everyone who has voted for us in the grant competition! We made the top 10 and therefore will be considered for the top prize by a panel of judges. Your support has meant the world.

After fifty days and 9,000 miles on the road, with the imprint of thousands of Teach For America corps members across the country in our hearts and the official launch of United Classrooms closer than ever, we returned to the “city that never sleeps” wide awake with the momentum of a truly remarkable movement in education pushing us forward….

Our table in the lobby of the St. John’s University dining hall afforded us a front row seat to the New York City corps. Already accustomed to the pace of the city, their dinner lines were swift and chatty and trafficked not just with TFA corps members, but a diverse stream of student groups, international tourists and summer camps. Corps members were already accustomed to being hassled on the street and so were prepared to look right through us and hustle onward. However, once our pitch broke through the facade, hordes of teachers actually sought us out — carried by the viral rumor of United Classrooms. They were full of questions and the deep-seated desire to open their students’ minds to the rest of the world. We met several extraordinary individuals who had grown up in communities where Teach For America teachers are placed, made it through struggling school systems and are on their way home to become part of the solutions. We met hundreds of the transformational teachers in New York that we have been looking for who will catapult their students into a world of opportunity with the help of United Classrooms.

We packed up our table for the last time and celebrated the end of our  tour of Teach For America’s institutes by going home to do more work! It has been a powerful journey — and it is certainly not over yet — but we are truly grateful to Teach For America for nurturing our vision.

UClass officially launches this Monday with over 1,000 bright and transformational teachers at its helm! Get ready to hear the empowered voices of the world’s children.



One thought on “Our Last TFA Institute: New York, NY

  1. Leah and Zak. You have both done a beautiful and inspiring job of following through with your vision from beginning to end. It has created such a reassuring feeling in the hearts of all who know you. Your dedication and hard work, your relentless desire to show others how powerful this idea can be in the hands of today’s children brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for believing.


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