Watch another UClass video! Our demo.

A steady stream of teachers are signing up for UClass since our launch on Monday, but how many of you have checked out our 1 minute, 45 second demo video?

This video gives a succinct tour of the features of UClass choreographed to a tune that articulates our vision. Get inspired and let’s “turn this whole thing upside down…”

…then sign up your class or spread the word HERE.


One thought on “Watch another UClass video! Our demo.

  1. Being a parent of a SK stenudt we already get the response good’ and fine’ here at home. We know she loves school and we celebrate her accomplishments within our family. What a great idea to have a space to do this as a parent and educator. Engaging stenudts is a driving force of parents, teachers and administrators. Excellent idea for a blog I look forward to the sharing process and hope that this site builds beyond what you have envisioned for it .


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