Teacher Spotlight From Denmark: Ms. Villumsen

UClass is proud to introduce Ms. Villumsen from Denmark, a dedicated teacher who is excited to connect her students to students in Africa and the United States. Enjoy!

Name: Rikke Torp Villumsen

Grade/Subject Currently Teaching: 7th and 8th grade English as a foreign language, 2nd grade religion, art, and Danish

Current City: Herlev, Denmark 

How do you use UClass in your classroom?

My classes use UClass both to handle homework, collect the different projects we work on in English class and also to connect to other classes globally

Why do you think it’s important to connect your students globally on UClass?

It’s important for the students and teachers to have easy access to other students and teachers globally.

The world is getting “smaller” as the possibilities on the internet expand. We don’t know what exact skills students will need in the future, but we know that they are going to communicate more with other people. Therefore, it’s important that we give the students experiences with communicating with other people around the world and that they are not intimidated by speaking to other global students.

Also, as a Danish student you have to consider that there are only 5.5 million Danish-speaking people, so it’s important to learn foreign languages. UClass is a perfect platform for this. 

Share a great moment that your students have had while using UClass.

Today we posted our first project work on UClass and that was a great moment both to the students and to me as a teacher. It’s great to finish up a task and then be able to share it with other students around the world. It’s a great moment to see your project plans carried out and see that the students are inspired and motivated when their work is shared with others.

What do you love about being a teacher?

I love a lot of things about being a teacher, but I’m really glad I’m a teacher right now with all the possibilities with the Internet. I find working with Web 2.0 very inspiring to both me as a teacher, but also to the students. I can see that working with the different tools on the Internet and being able to connect to the rest of the world really makes a difference when it comes to the students’ work. They make a larger effort when they know that they have to share their work.

I really like the moments when students realize that school systems are different in other countries or that people live in different ways. Young people pretty much like the same food or listen to a lot of the same music and they find out that globally we all have a lot in common even though we are different. This is only possible to them when they have contact with real people on the other end.

What events in your life have enriched your global perspective?

First, it was the opportunity I had to spend a year in USA as an exchange student. That really made a big impact on my life and my perspective on learning from others.

Afterwards, working with the international dimension as a teacher and being given the opportunity to meet teachers from around the world continued my enrichment process.

Being able to discuss education with other teachers and see how other teachers educate has made a big difference on how I look at my career and the possibilities it has.

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