Kids Add Their Voices to Global Elections!

A recent poll reported that 90 million eligible Americans don’t intend to vote in the upcoming elections. Turnout for young voters between the ages of 18 and 29 is projected to be at a record low.

In preparation for national elections in the United States, South Korea, Ghana and countries across the world, UClass is asking students to step up and add their voices to the political dialogue. Through the UClass Election Project, they are writing letters to their candidates or national leaders and sharing their work on the global network.

20 classrooms have already signed up for the project and students around the world are expressing their opinions on issues that are important to them. Giving students an opportunity to offer their voices and ears to the diverse pool of perspectives on UClass will allow them to develop the kind of respectful listening and convicted citizenship that more adults could bring to the table at election time.

The UClass Election Project lets the leaders of tomorrow share their thoughts today!

Here are some resources for teachers preparing their students for the Election Project:

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