Malala & Her Fight On UClass

On October 9 while driving through the Swat Valley of Pakistan, a school bus full of young girls was stopped by gunmen of the Pakistani Taliban. The men were searching for Malala Yousufzai, a 15-year old blogger who has spent her teenage years speaking out about giving education to the 32 million girls around the world who are not able to go to school and specifically about the Taliban’s attempt to bar females from obtaining an education. 

When they discovered her, they fired upon the girls, wounding three before escaping. Malala had been shot in the head and neck, leaving her in critical condition and unresponsive. Six days after the attack, Malala was moved to the United Kingdom where the medical director of the University Hospitals in Birmingham stated, “She was lucky to be alive.” Miraculously, Malala has not suffered any major neurological damage. 


UClass Responds

This week, the UClass Team has made Malala’s cause the center of the World Discussion Post, prompting students in 35 countries to engage each other in a discussion about Malala’s mission to ensure every girl in the world has the right to an education. 

Our thoughts are with Malala and her pursuit of building a better world.

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