Watch UClass at Global Ed Conference Tomorrow, 12pm EST!

Raising Global Citizens In Our Schools & Homes TOMORROW AT 12PM EST

Homa Tavengar

Zak and Christian of United Classrooms together with Homa Tavangar, author of Growing Up Global, are co-presenting for their session, Raising Global Citizens in Our Schools and Homes, tomorrow (November 14) from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST.


The three are teaming up to address the urgent issue of raising global citizens in a quickly globalizing and increasingly technological world. It will feature several ways that teachers are currently using UClass to develop global citizenship in their classrooms. You can check out the session description and speakers’ bios HERE

The third annual Global Education Conference is a free week-long virtual event that brings together educators, students, organizations and innovators to increase opportunities for exchanging ideas about global education and building global education-related connections and education initiatives.

People from various fields and levels of education are brought together to exchange thoughts and propose and showcase initiatives to promote global citizen education, global awareness among children, and global competency in order to solve real-world problems. Last year’s conference had 10,000 participants from all over the world with 18 keynote addresses.

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One thought on “Watch UClass at Global Ed Conference Tomorrow, 12pm EST!

  1. 3. Will we acknowledge that today’s lenarers are different and the tools they use to manipulate their world have completely changed in the last ten years? There is not an easy yes or no to this question. The answer as a whole is yes, but I think the better question is, are these tools and this new learning style the best way to educate and learn? The technology that today’s world provides us with is amazing. You can find an answer to a question in seconds with the right tools. We are able to voice immediate opinions and make decisions with the click of a button. Young people are extremely attracted to this fast paced world that it gives them in regard to information and the ability for quick interaction and reaction. But the key to this quick interaction is the reaction. I feel like with all this information at their finger tips we are not making these students think anymore. Young people are not forced to solve, analyze and evaluate the information they are provided. Why should they have to when an opinion or solution is handed to them online? Students are missing the key components in strategizing skills. They can work their way around a website, but they can’t think critically or deeply and discuss a subject. They can read online how to do anything, but do they have the skills to actually do it? We need to remember that although all of these new innovations are handed to the students, there are things that this new way of learning does not provide. We as educators have the ultimate responsibility to intertwine this new style of learning with our old style of educating. Once there is a happy medium in regard to that, I feel like we will see more productive and well rounded members of society. Until that happens, I feel like the issues in education will keep spiraling downward and that we will create lenarers that are able to regurgitate information but aren’t capable of thinking for themselves.


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