Announcing The Election Project Winner!

We are ecstatic that so many students across the world wrote letters to their national leaders and candidates during the first United Project at We hope that all participants found this project as inspiring as we have!

Drumroll please.

The winning class is: Mr. Misavage’s 3rd Grade Class from New Hampshire, USA

The judges said it was a tough decision, but chose Mr. Misavage’s class because of the  effort and creativity on a diverse range of issues including the environment, taxes, healthcare and drug abuse. The judges also noted the thoughtfulness of their comments on other election projects throughout the UClass network. For their great work, they will receive a package of UClass prizes and will be featured on the home page starting at the end of this week!

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One thought on “Announcing The Election Project Winner!

  1. Ah yes . we certainly have the efvfctiee use argument the one that detracts away from the issue at hand How is teaching and learning changing by investing $$ in a IWB? How is teaching and learning changing by investing $$ in laptop programs? OR How could teaching and learning change if we invested more money in quality teaching training and up skilling? Does break through in medicine happen because someone bought expensive gadgets? Or do they happen because the training and up skilling required makes better doctors?


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