Announcing the “Holidays Around the World” Project!

UClass is thrilled to announce our second United Project today: The HOLIDAYS AROUND THE WORLD project!!

The end of the year is a time of celebration in many cultures and traditions around the world. Over the next month, United Classrooms is asking students to share how they celebrate their holidays with students across the world. Classrooms from Norway, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Denmark have already signed up to participate!

Action Steps For UClass Teachers:

  1. Respond to the World Post on your UClass page that says, “Teachers, will your class participate in the UClass Holiday Project?”
  2. Once you respond, we will create the project album for you on your projects page and students can start to upload their letters!
  3. You can easily find/collaborate with other classrooms who are participating by checking the world post and visiting the classrooms listed.

Follow the instructions on the flyer below to participate.


Start Connecting @


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