What’s The Buzz About UClass?

The word on the street is that UClass is a fascinating tool that has the potential to transform the way we educate our children. Below are a few quotes from different people regarding UClass and we are grateful for each of their positive and encouraging words. It’s this amazing energy that we need to make sure that our students are developing as global citizens!

“I look at what you’re doing and I just think, ‘This is what I wish for my kids.” -Wendy Kopp, Founder and CEO of Teach For America

“[UClass] help(s) these kids not only have fun and understand others and get a good education, but [is] going to help them for the kind of world that they are going to be growing up in.” -Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General 

“UClass, offered me the perfect gateway to connect my scholars to other students around the world by using a tool that would increase their communication skills while making them technologically savvy in the process.“ -Kenneth Porter, Teacher in New York City

“Using UClass, students are able to discuss and have input on global issues making them more aware of the world they live in.” -Coby Reynolds, Teacher at VISS in United Arab Emirates


Start Connecting @ UClass.org


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