UClass Founder Will Be On Startup Panel This Saturday!

This Saturday UClass Co-Founder, Christian Piña, will be a panelist at the Connecting Connectors Conference hosted by the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises in midtown Manhattan. Although the event is not free, it is definitely worth your while to check out if:

  • You love making introductions and connecting other people to one another
  • You have a very big address book
  • You often figure out ways to solve problems by bringing new people into the mix
  • You often take the time to introduce yourself on a train or when waiting in other communal areas
  • You’re curious how to make the most effective use of this gift

#ConnecterCon focuses on bringing people together for the purposes of sharing ideas, strategies, and connections to the benefit of the individual and society at large. It’s through this communal building and interaction that we can engage in collaborative projects and build relationships to try and find solutions to many of the world’s problems.

The event will include panelists and speakers from various fields . The keynote address will be given by Gray Scott, a futurist philosopher, speaker, transhumanist simulist, member of the World Futurist Society, and editorial director of SERIOUS WONDER.com.




Start Connecting @ UClass.org


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