UClass Featured on AnsonAlex.com


UClass has been featured in and endorsed by the emerging tech blog AnsonAlex.com in the post ‘K-12 Social Learning Goes Global With UClass‘.

Most notably, this blog entry does not simply provide a trite description of UClass functionality and features. It weaves together a compelling argument for why UClass is a necessary innovation for contemporary education settings.

We live in a world of global economics, instantaneous transmission of information on a global scale and a global society that is facing an increased amount of shared concerns. UClass allows students to more easily become aware of and connected to their global counterparts in a safe, friendly and constructive environment.

AnsonAlex.com is a blog that seeks to facilitate the process of information sharing. Through his blog, Anson seeks to improve people’s lives, ferment ideas, and empower the online community to become a more informed group of collaborators.  

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.59.06 PM

Start Connecting @ UClass.org


One thought on “UClass Featured on AnsonAlex.com

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