Announcing the “Where We’re From” Project (partnership with SchoolTube!)

This month UClass is thrilled to collaborate with SchoolTube to give you the opportunity to show the wide world where you’re from and what is special about it!

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see how your classroom can participate!

UProject Task

  • 1. Create a video (or other multimedia) about where you’re from. It could be a documentary about where you have fun in your community, a rap video that shows what’s special about your community, a picture collage of the neatest sites in your community, or anything else you can think of!
  • 2. Respond to the work of your classmates AND students from other classrooms around the world by commenting on their projects.

Teacher steps for participation

  • 1. Sign up/sign in, then respond to the World post at the top of your UClass page that says, “Teachers, will your class participate in the Where We’re From Project?”
  • 2. Once you respond, UClass staff will create the project album for you on your projects page and students can start to upload their projects!


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