Announcing the “Where We’re From” Project Winners

Last month, UClass partnered with SchoolTube to host the “Where We’re From” Project: an opportunity for classrooms all over the world to give virtual tours of their communities, then comment on each other’s work and build new global pen pal relationships. We received submissions ranging from videos to art projects from five continents.

Our judges were blown away by the quality of the projects, and we encourage you to view as many as you can. The following classes were exemplars of creativity and thoughtfulness, delivering work that was truly exceptional.

  • Ms. Chhavi Jain’s 4th Grade Class from the G.D.Goenka World School in Gurgaon, India 
  • Mrs. McGuiness’ 5th Grade Class from Derbyshire, United Kingdom
  • Miss Muna’s Middle School Class from Al Ahsa, United Arab Emirates
  • Mrs. McMillan’s High School Class from Virginia, United States

We gave one classroom the SchoolTube Award for outstanding video production: Señora Simmons’ High School Class from Virginia, United States

Look out for our next UProject, which we will announce tomorrow!

Projects from Mrs. McGuiness’ 5th Grade Class (UK)

watch full video here.

McGuiness2Projects from Mr. Jain’s 5th Grade Class (India)
Jain Jain2
      Watch full prezi here.

Projects from Miss Muna’s Middle School Class (UAE)



Projects from Mrs. McMillan’s High School Class (USA)
Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 4.01.42 PM

The SchoolTube Award Winning Video by Señora Simmons’ Class (US)

Nuestro Rinconcito del Mundo. Watch full video here.

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