Announcing the New UClass

Last week, UClass launched its new assignment-sharing product. Our state of the art product and design now lets you find assignments created by teachers around the world and use them in your class immediately.  

Rather than waiting for a monthly project, teachers can now create their own assignments for their students and the world to engage in at any time. We encourage you to share your awesome content so that teachers everywhere can access the wealth of knowledge and experience available in the UClass global community.

It’s as simple as…
1. Find or create an assignment
2. Edit and assign it to your students.
3. Students upload work and engage with students across the world.


Due to popular demand, all UClass features are still present. Just click on the Community button to find the World Feed! As always, we are seeking teacher feedback. If you have any suggestions or would like to be part of a pilot group of teachers who will help us improve our new product over the next two months, please contact us at


We can’t wait to see you and your students engage with the world on the new UClass.
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