Plan Less, Relax More: 5 Reasons to UClass This Summer

Summer is here! Congratulations to those teachers who have wrapped up yet another successful school year — it is certainly no small feat. We hope that you are reading this at the pool, drinking lemonade and catching up on all that leisure reading you’ve wanted to do.

Enjoy the rest and relaxation, UClass has got you covered. We’re hard at work to maximize your summer fun by reducing your planning time and ensuring that you’re ready for a great new school year. We’ve outlined five reasons to UClass this summer.

1. Cut your planning time in half.
No need to re-invent the wheel when you have high quality content at your fingertips. You can even assign to your students directly online.

2. Connect your students with their global classmates.
When your students are assigned work on UClass, they engage in global collaboration with any other students working on that same assignment. Students see each other’s work and provide one another feedback on their assignments.

3. Create your own assignments to share with fellow teachers.
Have you ever had a teacher ask you to share your best resources? Now, you can! By creating and uploading your content on UClass, classrooms all over the world can engage in an assignment that you’ve created.

4. Browse our collection of assignments.
Sort by grade level, subject and length to find resources that meet your criteria. Get ideas for your own assignments and feel free to tweak the ones you like when you assign them to your own class.

5. Drink more lemonade and get more pool time.
With your planning done, you have more time to focus on what matters most — teaching. Any extra time gives you an opportunity to jump in the pool or getaway on a summer excursion. After all, you deserve it.

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