Introducing a Way for Teachers to Make Money on UClass

Book your vacation tickets now! In August we will roll out the newest version of our site, which will enable you to share your lesson plans and make money every time they get used.

All you have to do is:

  1. Submit the same lesson plans that have been tucked away in your notebooks and on your computer for years.
  2. Use the lessons yourself with your students on UClass — OR simply watch as your lessons get used by our global community.
  3. Get paid $1 for every time a lesson gets used. If your lesson gets used 20 times, you make $20. 1,000 times — you do the math!
While you have the satisfaction of knowing that you just saved yourself and other teachers precious planning time, your resources are being taught in another part of the world AND you earn money. You can start packing for that bungalow in Hawaii a little sooner! Get your lessons ready for this new release coming soon.
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