UClass Visits White House, Meets the President

On Monday, July 29th, UClass Founder Zak Ringelstein visited the White House for a round table discussion with some of the most influential leaders in Washington. He was the youngest person in the room and the only teacher.

Zak was thrilled to have intimate conversations with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D), Senator Mark Warner (D), Senator Jerry Moran (R), Senator Tim Kaine (D), and President Barack Obama. The round table was an extremely rewarding experience as Zak was able to share the UClass mission, talk about the pros and cons of standardization (ie. the Common Core) in education, and join in on conversations about the future of education technology. This same spirit of teamwork is one that we here at UClass are taking into the new school year as we foster collaboration among educators and students around the world.

T4A organized the visit and Jennifer Walske, one of UClass’ investors, afforded Zak this great opportunity. This event was nothing short of a dream and reinforces how powerful a presence UClass is becoming as it connects the minds and resources and teachers and students around the world.


UClass Founder Meeting President Obama


UClass Founder with Julie Heinz and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D)

UClass Roundtable Picture

Education Round Table with Arne Duncan

UClass Executive Office Building

Executive Office Building

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One thought on “UClass Visits White House, Meets the President

  1. This is incredible and represents such an amazing opportunity for you to share your vision, Zak. Congratulations on the White House visit and all you’ve done to establish connections across the educational community and among students around the world.

    Liza Thompson


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