Announcing the UClass Back to School Lesson

The new year is here. Make it a success, setting your goals on UClass.

Welcome back! This year, UClass has got so much in store for our global community that we’re thrilled to be kicking it off with our first featured lesson of the year. To get everyone excited for the new school year, we’re asking students to share their goals with each other. The lesson offers 3 easy steps for students to engage:
  1. Create 3 or more goals for this school year.
  2. Share them as text, a video or any kind of presentation you choose on UClass.
  3. Respond to the work of your classmates AND students from other classrooms around the world by commenting on their posts.
Teachers, join this vision-setting activity and jumpstart your year off on the right foot by following these simple steps:
  1. Go onto UClass and see the featured lesson at the top of the Lesson page.
  2. Press the Assign button to edit any piece of the lesson you wish and to distribute it to your students.
  3. Your students will see the lesson when they land on your classroom page and will be able to upload their work from there.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 12.02.25 AM


This featured lesson runs until Friday, September 20th. The winning class will be featured on our blog and receive a set of our shnazzy UClass pencils. This lesson is just a sneak peak of the magic that awaits this year. We can’t wait to dream big with you and to celebrate in the collective achievements of this inspiring community.


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