UClass features the “Crisis in Syria World Forum” Lesson

As a result of the events occurring in Syria, UClass is featuring the “Crisis in Syria World Forum” Lesson, and we are inviting your class to participate over the next few weeks. Created by one of our very own UClass teachers Ms. Robin Lerosen, the lesson challenges our global community to unite in reflection on what can be done to resolve this crisis. 

Students will follow 4 simple steps to complete this lesson:
  1. Read the included articles and/or view the multimedia links.
  2. Engage in discussion with classmates, family and friends about the recent events surrounding Syria.
  3. Write an editorial for a newspaper on what should be done about the crisis in Syria. Suggested length: at least one paragraph.
  4. Post to UClass and comment on the editorials of other students around the world.
Students will write an editorial for a newspaper about what should be done about the crisis in Syria. Teachers, engage your class in this riveting discussion by doing the following:
  1. Go onto UClass and see the featured lesson at the top of the Lesson page.
  2. Press the Assign button to edit any piece of the lesson you wish and to distribute it to your students.
  3. Your students will see the lesson when they land on your classroom page and be able to upload their work from there.
The deadline for this featured lesson will be Friday, October 18th. The winning class will be featured on our blog and receive a set of our celebrated UClass pencils. We look forward to seeing your classrooms join in this important dialogue.

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